National Flag Day

The Philippine National Flag has been very visible in the streets lately. Oh yes. it's in preparation for the National Flag Day (May 28) and the 110th Philippine Independece Day on the 12th of June...The Flag is displayed in different sizes. And yes, it's being sold by vendors on the streets, too. Tsk, tsk. A lot of people are making money selling (the symbol of) our country.

Seeing all these banners announcing our love for our Country on its independence anniversary, and for our Flag on how it is carefully and colorfully displayed in almost all the main street of Metro Manila, I can't help but remember this scene which I personally took during the interment of my Uncle (Gil Sumangil) who died of vehicular accident December of last year.

ZTE deal. Lozada. Hello Garci! Corruption. Red tape. Tongpats. Kotong. Moderate the greed. Senate Hearings... Oil price hikes. Rice cartels. Utility price increases. VAT...

It's the National Flag Day today. But NO. I just can't post a better image of our National flag, not at this point in time.
...Not until I see my fellow countrymen settled and out of the streets fighting for their cause against rampant corruption and self-motivated dealings of our leaders... Not until government leaders, and officials, and personnels continue to use their position in taking advantage of their fellow Filipinos for their own-selfish motives. Not until I see Juan dela Cruz smile for he has already won the battle. Not until Ka Abel gets what he has been fighting for 'til his own interment today...

Hay... Pilipinas kong mahal. Saan ka patutungo?

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