Haw-Ang (Before Harvest), Revisited

Almost a year ago after the movie Haw-Ang (Before Harvest) was shown at the SM Cinemas nationwide, I came across a blog called "From the Boondocks". This site posted a review on the film and I can't help but smile after reading what it said. Just to quote a few lines, it stated:
"We are now going to open our big mouth because we watched the movie. Our verdict: We didn't expect to like it but we ended up liking it a lot. It is better than Daan Patungong Kalimugtong (which we also like but we like Haw-ang more) and much much better than Batad sa Paang Palay (which we partly liked and partly disliked).

Haw-ang (Before Harvest) is a very good and well-made film. There are many things to like in this movie such as:

Adorable kids? Check

Use of local language? Check. In some portions.

Movie twists and turns? Check

Good acting? Check

Nice music? Check

Great cinematography? Check. It would be poor film making indeed if one shoots in Ifugao and still comes up with a bad cinematography.

Ifugao rituals? Check. At least dito, they are integral to the story. Unlike in Batad sa Paang Palay where indigenous rituals are shown without any apparent reason.

Haw-Ang (Before Harvest) starred Kalila Aguilos, Neil Ryan Sese, Raquel Reyes, Fons Desa, Rosaline Niwane, Pj Lanot, Xeno Alejandro, Lowell Conales, Citadel Mariano, Marife Necesito, Ramil Sumangil (I played the villain here), and introducing Dacmay Tangliban, Francisco Bitaol Jr., Ricardo Sicat Jr. and a lot more fresh talents from Hapao, Hungduan, Ifugao. The script was written by Murphy Red,  Bong Ramos and Directed by Sigrid Bernardo and Bong Ramos.

The film is nominated in the following categories in the upcoming 5th Golden Screen Awards:

Best Motion Picture
Best Performance by an Actress
Breakthrough Performance an Actress
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Original Song
Best Musical Score

Please visit the following links for the complete list of nominees:

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