Uncle Rogelio 'Gil' Sumangil

I received a text message yesterday morning from my sister-in-law while i was driving with my wife on our way to her office in Makati. It stated, "Huwag kayong mabibigla, Uncle Gil is gone... he met a vehicular accident last night..." Ok. I was shocked... I had to park and made a call to the province (Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija).

Just two days ago prior to his (my Uncle) tragic death, I remember telling my wife about him, also on our way to Makati. I was telling her about who among my relatives I would consider I was closest with during my childhood... I bragged about Uncle Gil.

Uncle is the youngest of my father's siblings. When I was about 6 to 10 years old, I remember Uncle tagging me along when he goes out to buy something at the town proper, together with my cousin, Marcos (Sumangil). One thing I will never forget was when he bought a t-shirt for me with the song "Let Me Try Again" lines as its design in front. That song I will always remember, too in my entire life...

Every year, our clan reunite together to celebrate the Christmas season. This year, we intend to make it on the 23rd at Auntie Sylvia's house, my father and Uncle Gil's sister. But with the turn of events, everybody will meet tomorrow at his wake.

I just hope, after this year, Christmas will still be the same.

We hope...


kbguy said...

Happy New Year 2008 !


Dann said...

sorry to hear about your uncle gil. It hurts when someone closer to you won't be around you. Even though he is not around you, he will always be in your heart and memory. Just remember those old days when you had good time with your uncle and it will help you fight with your grieve .. take care ..

Dann said...

hey ramil..how are you.. A tag is waiting for you, my first tag.. check it out.. My love hub have fun

Anonymous said...

Ramil, I offer my condolence to you and to all your families. It sad because he's life just ended like that. Well, I believe that life is unpredictable, so we should value those people that closest to us and apprecite them.

Thank you for sharing this very sad and touchable story of yours. Yeah, as you aware, it almost happen to our family too. I thank God that he spare my brother's life maybe because he's not up yet, well, who knows, right?

Your uncle rest in peace now, so let's moveone and we pray to God always because everything happens in our life, GOD has a plan for it....


Hye said...

Condolences to you and your family.

BTW, we are kababayan.. Hope we can support each other :D

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