My Daughter Graduates from Elementary!

Glad to see our daughter (Mitzi) graduate from her school. She made it to the honor roll despite being absent from school (Antipolo Faith Christian School) for almost a month due to dengue last November, 2007. She took home a Bronze Medal (3rd) and some scholarships.

Ramil Victor (our youngest) took home a silver medal (2nd) on his 3rd grade. He also took home a free-textbook-scholarship for the next school year. Raham's grades on the other hand improved a lot which made us glad too. We thank the Lord for all these honor and blessings.


The_Sphinx's World said...

though late, I still want to congratulate you for having smart kids. you know, the intellectual abilities of children is not mere genes. If the parents give them encouragement and support, and follow them up, I think they will attain more.

keep it up!

--* ella.umbr said...

oh wow ! i hope my school would also offer the students in the honor roll some scholarship , not only the valedictorian . =] kip up the good work . =]