Dengue Fever

My daughter woke up suffering from high fever last Wednesday, November 14. As always, we (my wife Lynn and I) personally took care of Mitzi -- taking of her temperature, giving medicines, etc... We are very cautious of our children's health especially now that Antipolo is being closely watched and declared by the government as dengue infested area...

Later that day, I brought my daughter to a clinic for treatment since her fever has not subsided despite giving her paracetamol twice that day... Her fever reached as high as 40 degrees... Some tests were made on her urine and blood. Some dengue fever symptoms were detected but we were advised to come back the following day as it was too early to say, according to the doctor that it was already a dengue fever... Same signs were noted the following day. On the 3rd day of her check up, we were finally advised that she be admitted to a hospital for proper treatment. Mitzi was declared out of danger this morning after her blood platelets soared back to 199 from 120 yesterday morning. She's finally out of the hospital after 5 days of confinement and we thank the LOrd for making the doctors detect and solve her case as early as possible.

Dengue is a serious disease that all parents should not be taken for granted. Just a simple mosquito bite could lead to the death of our children.

A few weeks ago, Mitzi's classmate died of dengue. So sad because his case was not given much attention as it was perceived as just a simple fever. Another young life wasted.

We are glad our daughter is back home....

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