Building Home in the Church

Attending the church service every Sunday morning has become part of my family's life. It wouldn't be a Sunday if we find ourselves not listening to God's words on that day.

It's been a few weeks since our Pastor announced that we have only until the end of this month (March) to stay in our current "church". It's actually a classroom leased to our church every Sunday by a college school in Antipolo. We moved here when the garage we were renting was used as Headquarters by the owner (former City Mayor-now-Congressman) for his political group. Now that the location will have to be used by the school, here is a big concern for all of us (members)...

Part of our Pastor's teachings this morning is building a home in the church. We still hope to achieve this despite the above concern that we have.

We hope and pray that God will provide, and we are already claiming that. Wherever He will be leading us, if it's His will, so be it.


The_Sphinx's World said...

I am a Catholic and I do not know the way other churches are run. But I feel sad when I read your post about losing a place for your church. I always watch 7th Heaven and I thought that a place is always given to a pastor and his family. Seems I'm wrong.

Anyway, I pray that you will find a better place soon. You are right, God will provide.

rahamitz said...

Hi Thwe Sphinx! Thank you for your comment. We were able to find a place prior to the deadline. It's on a second floor of a newly built dormitory. We are the first occupant, though small (less than 30 sqm), we are glad to have been able to continue praising the Lord. The owner agreed to accommodate us only until June, prior to the start of the school classes, allowing the owner of the dormitory to be occupied by students. God bless po!