Another Reunion!

Cousin Josephine informed me about the 1st year death anniversary of her Mom - Aunt Loring, and loving wife to Uncle Pepito who also passed away early this year. I would say that this also marks the 1st year of knowing my long lost relatives, hehe!

We arrived late, ok!

Last night was another mark. I finally met Uncle Nando Sumangil who arrived from San Diego, California a few days ago. He is the younger brother of Uncle Onie (based in Texas) whom I have been communicating thru e-mail and Uncle Tito (Minesotta), father to Eric Sumangil.

Other relatives were there namely, Rico and kids (cousin Josephine's family), Emil Sumangil and wife Michelle, Uncle Lito and Mila Santarinala and their son Don (of Concrete Sam Band), so with Untie Nora and Uncle Romy to name a few...

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