Spiderman 3

May 1. Labor Day. And it's a holiday, yeheyy! More time with my family indeed! Me and my wife planned to watch the premiere night of Spiderman 3 at the Power Plant Cinemas in Makati. Her company was one of the sponsors of the event and she was given two (2) complimentary tickets to watch the movie... Yes! As the time goes nearer, we could feel the excitement and the pressure (hehe!) our kids were giving us at the time . . . they wanted to come with us!! Sure, why not... But wait! The movie starts at 9 PM and knowing our kids, they are just too young to stay late at night... Decision: no to Spiderman... grr!

I have DVD collections of the first two (2) installments of the movie. And mind you, being my favourite, I really join my three (3) kids in the excitement of watching this character... Can't wait for my DVD copy of Spiderman 3.. Anyone, please? he he!

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