2007 Local Elections

Two days to go before the national local elections. On Monday, All qualified Filipino voters will exercise their right of sufrage. Twelve (12) senators, party lists, provincials governors, municipal mayors and councilors shall be chosen from among hundreds of aspiring candidates...

Today is the last day of campaign for all of them. This means, they have the whole day to encourage the ever expectant Filipino people on their effectiveness based on their platforms...

My wife and I have been discussing from time to time what would life be like if we vote for this candidate for senator, for that mayor or for that counsilor... Are we going to vote for these individuals because they are popular (as actors or entertainers) or they are known for their good deeds or accomplishments? Are our candidates re-electionists? If they are, what have they done during their earlier terms or posts?

Do they deserve our sacred votes?

In my own personal opinion, the picture of politics in the Philippines is a vague one. People jump into the arena of politics because of, let's face it, self interest. Because of power. Or was it because of greed of power? It is full of deceit.

Is there really a need to vote for these aspiring 'leaders' of our country?

For the sake of our kids' future. For the sake of the next generation. Yes. We will. We are going to take part in this historic event.

We just have to settle for the lesser evil. Let us just pray hard that God guide us and grant us the wisdom to do so.


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