Ariel, Cony and their only child Neil arrived last week. They are our neighbor (just across our house) who have migrated to Canada more than two (2) years ago. Neil has grown big since then. We missed the family. It was really good talking to them again.

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ARIEL2007 said...

Whhoop!! What a feezing morning!!! Greetings from Canada. Almost a year now since this photo was taken on a sunny day in the beautiful city of Antipolo with our very nice friends Ramil and Lyn. Well, still looking forward to be in Robinson once again, just looking how the kids missed each other is really worth thinking of coming back for a visit. Hopefully we can work it out and find a space considering our schedules in this fast and busy environment.

"Isang Bungkos Na Pangarap", the words itself reflects how great and inspiring your family not only to us but to anybody who take sometime to sit and visit your site. Keep it up.

Ramil, Lyn you can also reach us thru our e-mail add: Connie, and Ariel:

Thanks a lot for posting this photo. We'll be sending some pictures too especially Neil who is over 5 feet tall now. Just extend our regards to the kids and to all our friends out there: Rod & Lanie; Rico & Dang; Gina & Jojo; Kuya Nestor & Ate Tess; Remy, Rene & Jenny and Engineer.

Bye, bye for now. We all miss you.

Ariel, Connie and Neil